When the Student is Ready The Teacher Will Appear: Nutrition Edition

When the Student is Ready

The Teacher Will Appear

Proper Nutrition Edition

With March has been deemed National Nutrition Month, Be PHAcTive decided to amp up the nutrition goals in an effort to be the “change that I seek”. I’m so glad that I did. I have had a love/hate relationship with proper nutrition. People would ask if I was on a “DIET” and my response was always “I don’t do those”. In the past, I’ve halfway done crash diets, done Weight Watchers, had a Gastric Lapband, followed a calorie counting system with a trainer, and participated in the GLOS Plan created by Dr. Lil.national nutrition month

I had a measure of success with each, but realistically, I was never totally mentally prepared to commit to any of the aforementioned. I have lost and maintained an approximate weight loss of approximately 110 pounds. However, whenever I visit the doctor, I was consistently being told that my blood pressure was high. It was incredibly frustrating. In my mind, I had made substantial changes, but they weren’t enough. So naturally, I regressed occasionally and began consuming foods that I had become conscious of minimizing (i.e., fried foods, beef, pork, sweets, etc..).

While on a daily basis I am dedicated to being PHAcTive, I still have some growing to do. However, at this point I am mentally prepared to put the T in PHAcTive and do much better with being “nutritionally conscience”. The T stands for TOTALLY committed to being the best me that I can be. So many times I have mentioned that I became much more serious about my journey after losing several close friends to health related issues. While grieving the loss of my friends, I decided that I had to do things differently; otherwise, I might be next. I started being more physically active. I switched up my eating habits. I tried new things and I found that I was thoroughly enjoying my journey. However, no excursion comes without a few obstacles. My biggest obstacle was being totally committed, which is a mental barrier. I’m ready to change my mind in order to change my life.

healthy-vs-junkfood-550x498What is this change that I’m mentioning? Well, it starts with understanding what I’m eating and should not eat and the why’s. We are told to eat this and not eat that. No carbs, no sugar, count calories, eat clean, eat only plant based food, take this pill, drink this, etc…. Realistically, what do these barrage of messages translate to? The first thing to take into account is what’s considered eating right for your lifestyle. There’s no one diet that is right for everyone, so it’s important to follow a healthful eating plan that’s packed with tasty foods and that keeps your unique lifestyle in mind.

I’ve been guilty of seeing what other people are doing it and halfway incorporating it when in the grand scheme of things, we have two different goals in mind. The root of the matter is often the same. Don’t consume too many pre packaged products, stay away from those foods high in sugar, fat, sodium, etc.. But the hardest part is knowing just how much of a balance you need for your goals and your body.

In addition, what we eat and drink can have a powerful effect on our ability to focus, our mental clarity, mood and stress levels. I’m not sure if we realize how much of what we consume affects our daily lives. In a determined effort to not get be on ANY MEDICATION, I am FINALLY taking control in my diet. There is balance and we need to make better choices.

bp365 what i eatEach step that I have taken before has prepared me for this decision to take control of my life nutritionally. I can’t blame the “ineffectiveness” I experienced on the plans I’ve tried, the problem was always me. In calorie counting with my personal trainer, I became cognizant of just how many calories were in food and foods I should seek to avoid. My holistic doctor would have me to avoid almost everything not plant based and raw which seems hard. However, it gave me a clearer understanding of how harmful certain foods can be to our bodies. Through the GLOS Plan, I learned what eating clean was really all about and it is absolutely doable, if you want to do it.

As mentioned earlier, I had a certain measure of success with them all, but I was not totally committed. This time I am. If my desire is to serve as an advocate and to promote the mental, physical, and spiritual wellness in others, I have to be TOTALLY committed myself. Does this mean I’ll be a judgmental fanatic? No, we have to make the choices on our own. But it will equip me to a better leader and servant to the mission I have of being PHAcTive.

If you are starting your journey towards wellness and you’re all confused about where to start or you just need support. I encourage you to see a nutritionist (which might be covered by your insurance). If you’re ready to commit to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, I encourage you to find out more information on it and seek the proper help, maybe from a holistic doctor or someone who focuses on that area.

Or, if that just sounds too “scary, get a personal trainer. A good one will help you understand what you’re eating and how it works for or against your body. My trainer Harry Bradley was great.   He has a medical background, listened to my goals, and was a “tough” trainer. He really provided me with a solid base.

GLOS PLANIf you are curious about what eating clean is, and you are ready to make a 10-week commitment with weekly support, then I encourage you to check out the GLOS Plan created by Dr. Lil and her husband. It really opened my eyes in terms of clean eating. So often we’re told what we shouldn’t eat, but we don’t know what we can eat and how good it can be. It’s not bland “diet” food, you’ll be surprised at all of the options you have. The GLOS Plan is definitely an effective and worthwhile plan if you are seriously ready for a change. Dr. Lil is readily accessible and has an extensive knowledge of nutrition and how it works. Trust her, she’s a doctor!

Most recently, I have enlisted the help of Eric and Maleka Beal, the founders of Better Choices. Through phone calls, video conferencing, text messages, and food, weight, blood pressure and activity monitoring, they have helped me to understand exactly how much of each nutrient category that I should be consuming or staying away from.better choices

I can honestly say that proper nutrition can be a difficult step, especially when you’re hearing so many different methods of attaining it. However, when you are truly ready to be TOTALLY committed to being the best you that you can be, the teacher will appear. I hope that my experiences have helped you and I really encourage you to check out the individuals that I have referenced.

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