About the PHAcTivist

The PHAcTivist

Hello! I’m Chontel J. Parker, Ph.D., also known as The PHAcTivist, a proud lifelong learner who is excited about my most recent endeavors. By trade, I am an Educational Diagnostician, I’m the type of special education teacher who diagnoses, assesses and works with children with learning disabilities. It is my goal to take all that I have learned in the educational arena and life in general, and apply similar principles to help individuals to Be PHAcTive.

A Catalyst for Change

Chontel Parket, PhD, also known as The PHAcTivist, is proud of her full body figure.
Chontel Parker, Ph.D., also known as The PHAcTivist, is proud of her full body figure.
Image Source: bephactive/Instagram

There was a time in my life when I considered myself to be a proverbial “Super Woman” who could “save the world.” My goals were quite lofty. But, soon I realized that in order to save the world, I’d first need to effectuate change within myself. Now, I wholeheartedly believe that these self-motivated changes are paramount to making change in the world itself.

Thanks to this realization, I’m often described as a:

  • Catalyst for change
  • Non-conformist
  • Free-spirit
  • Visionary
  • The PHAcTivist

Professional & Personal Goals of The PHAcTivist

For as long as I can remember, my professional goal has been to help others make appropriate changes within themselves in numerous arenas. I believe that in doing so, I am actively “saving the world” of each of those particular individuals.

My personal goals are:

  • To live life like it’s GOLDEN

Motto of The PHAcTivist

The premise upon which I base my motto is Carpe Diem, which is Latin for “seize the day”. My motto is:

“Seize each and every opportunity presented to you, because you never know which moment may be your last”.

I have always been a helpful and encouraging woman by nature. However, the problem I often ran into was deciding which platform I would tailor my natural God-given abilities to as a whole.

The Be PHAcTive Movement

In 2005, I collaborated with like-minded individuals to start an organization for youth named Sisters of Size, Inc. (S.O.S.). The program’s agenda was to empower the plus size teenager. As a group, we focused on the development of the “total woman”… mind, body and soul.

In keeping in the Spirit of S.O.S., I decided move forward with my personal vision of being “My Sister’s Keeper.” So, in 2014, I unveiled “Be PHAcTive”, which is both my personal and professional slogan.

Fun times in Toronto, Canada at Caribana. #everybodyplayahmas
Fun times in Toronto, Canada at Caribana. #everybodyplayahmas

The Be PHAcTive Movement encompasses the same principles of overall development… mentally, physically, and spiritually. I attribute my measure of success to those who have planted seeds in me throughout the years.

As The PHAcTivist, I am inspired daily by others to achieve things that some may conceive as impossible. I aspire to inspire others by:

  • Seizing the moment
  • Changing myself through personal growth
  • Effectuating change one person at a time

Aiming to Be PHAcTive

Over the past year, while “Being PHAcTive”, I have met some amazing people. I’ve also traveled to many places and embarked upon several adventurous PHAcTivities. This was all done under the notion of “trying something new.”

As a self-proclaimed PHAcTivist, I strive to:

  • Try new things and share these experiences with the world through blogging
  • Organize groups and promote the Be PHAcTive mission
  • Grow holistically
  • Help others to grow holistically
  • Be the change that I seek

In addition, I aspire to advance within the area of Motivational Coaching. I’ve found that it’s where my true passion lies. My mission is to Be PHAcTive. I hope you adopt it as your mission too!