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The Story of Be PHAcTive Teen

Be PHAcTive made its debut last year. It was a direct result of me being at a point in life where I was ready to do something totally different and fresh for numerous reasons. And, just like that, the concept of Be PHAcTive transitioned from my mind into full action.

I can’t express how exciting these last 10 months have been for me. Just to name a few of the highlights, I have:

  • Experienced so many different activities
  • Made several connections with various industry experts
  • Been inspirational, traveled more, and grown as a person

A Be PHAcTive Teen is Born!

The PHAcTivist, Chontel Parket, PhD and Be PHAcTive Teen Tia Hillard
The PHAcTivist, Chontel Parket, PhD and Be PHAcTive Teen Tia Hillard

To add to the excitement, something amazing happened approximately two months ago. While I was halfway through my workout at the YMCA, I was asked if I would serve as a mentor for Tia Hilliard, who is currently Louisiana’s Teen Plus Ambassador.

I felt an overwhelming sense of honor to even be considered as a mentor. So, I made it my goal to help Tia transition into a Be PHAcTive Teen.

Since then, Ms. Tia Hilliard and I have met to discuss her goals and attended quite a few health related activities together. Some of these events include:

  • The Heart Walk
  • Kid Fit at the Denham Springs Library
  • The YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day, etc…

What amazes me most about Tia Hilliard is that this amazing young lady is so mature and focused. At a time where most teenagers are worried about “fitting in”, Tia most definitely stands out, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Who is Be PHAcTive Teen Tia Hillard?

In serving as her Be PHAcTive Teen Mentor, I find that I’m growing as a person as well. Be PHAcTive counts it as a blessing to be a part of her life and helping her to fulfill her mission. Without further ado, I’d like to introduce Ms. Tia Hilliard:

“I am a 13 year old who is interested in traveling, exploring new and creative things, and creating a healthier lifestyle. In the years of 2012-2013 I decided that I wanted a change. Of course that change was in my weight. I had low self-esteem in the 5th grade because I wasn’t comfortable with me.

I had tried several times to start eating right and exercising more but I would always stop when I saw a little weight loss. I personally thought that my weight was okay until I went to my doctor and she said again, that I need to become healthier.

Now she had told me that several times before that day that I needed to become healthier, but I never gave it any thought until that day. So I cried a little and when I was done I told myself that crying isn’t going to change or solve anything.

Be PHAcTive Teens - The Color Run
Be PHAcTive Teens – The Color Run

In the year of 2014 I went to a 4 month Pennington study that discussed everything from choosing what to eat to what exercises to do. In that study I learned things that I didn’t know. At the end of the study I had lost between 13-15 lbs. I finished the study at the end of December.

Although that was fine, I told myself that I would take a break being that my birthday was quickly approaching in January. I have to admit that I did take a break and it was quite long. So on my birthday I received a lot of candy and all different other snacks that I happily consumed.

Following that, when I thought of exercising and eating right I would do so but if I didn’t, I wouldn’t. So about a month passed, and I decided all over again to become progressive in becoming better than I was, before I lost track of my goals.

From now on my goals are to take one day at a time, take one meal at a time, and take exercise in one form or another daily. I will do my best not to focus on what the scale reads, because the scale only tells how many lbs of awesomeness and fabulousness is on and outside of me… and I already know that I am better than those numbers!

It is also my goal to inspire other teens of all shapes and sizes to let them know the scale doesn’t define who you are, you do!!!

-Tia Hillard

Healthy isn't a size... it's a LIFESTYLE
Healthy isn’t a size… it’s a LIFESTYLE


The Profound Words of a Be PHAcTive Teen

After receiving her “letter” I was even more impressed by this young lady. Her journey seemed to mirror mine, and that of many of the people who have decided to live a healthier life I’m sure. She has decided, at 13, that she wants to achieve an optimal sense of health and well-being, not defined by what the scale reads.

This is such a profound quote from Be PHAcTive Teen Tia Hillard:

“I will do my best not to focus on what the scale reads, because the scale only tells how many lbs of awesomeness and fabulousness is on and outside of me…..and I already know that I am better than those numbers!”

The Be PHAcTive Movement Promotes Individuality

We become so consumed by numbers and what society dictates, that we forget that we are individuals and should make the best choices for ourselves based on individuality. We should make choices based on our own individual needs, individual preferences and personalized goals.

Tia’s primary reason for contacting me was because her platform for her pageant season is health and wellness. But, I know that her desire for health, wellness, and being an inspiration to others is something that she is passionate about as well. I believe she will continue to pursue these passions for a lifetime, far beyond the 2015 pageant.

I can’t express how elated I am to be a part of this Be PHAcTive Teen’s journey and to have her as a part of mine. Tia is the newest extension to Be PHAcTive, as she is the “face of” Be PHAcTive Teen. We hope that you will continue to share in our journey.

Be PHAcTive by Chontel Parket, PhD
Be PHAcTive by Chontel Parket, PhD

Be Positive and take pride in all that you do!

Be Healthy mentally, physically and spiritually!

Be Active and Adventurous!

Be Totally committed to being the best you that you can be!