Self-love: Adventures in PHAcTiveland

  Self-Love Adventures in PHAcTiveland Have you ever been told that you weren’t __________ enough? Well enough of what you might ask. Maybe you were told that you weren’t smart enough or pretty enough. Maybe you were told that you weren’t small enough or maybe not big enough. You could […]

Socacize Fitness: Sexy, Sultry, Strong

Socacize Sexy, Sultry, Strong When I started my journey, I had a few goals in mind. True to Chontel form, in walking before I crawl, I decided that I wanted to become a certified dance fitness instructor. I loved to dance, and dance fitness classes are how I got started […]

Steps to Activate Self-Love

Steps to Activate Self-Love Hello-It’s me, Dr. Lil. I’m back discussing one of my favorite topics—self-love. I have a few questions for you: When was the last time you affirmed yourself for doing something well? Have you noticed your beauty without someone else complimenting you? How do you treat yourself […]

Having an Attitude of Gratitude: Holiday Edition

Having an Attitude of Gratitude As a child, I can recall the holidays being the most joyous time of year. I mean who didn’t love seeing your family and friends, getting new toys, all of the lights and decorations and dinner with your family? Christmas at our house was pure […]

Most Valuable PHAcTivist! When I initially got more serious about my wellness journey and began blogging, I wanted to spotlight individuals who inspired me. Inspiration is defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Inspiration can come from another person, […]

Childhood Obesity: Be PHAcTive Teen Tia’s View

Childhood Obesity Have you ever looked in the mirror and just didn’t like what you saw? Or ,better yet, stepped on the scale and your reaction was “Wow!” Well if so we are on the same page. September is Childhood Obesity Month. I am a teenager and obesity has been a […]

Beyond Those Cute Chubby Cheeks

Childhood Obesity Beyond Those Cute Chubby Cheeks Part 1: My Story The topic of childhood obesity is one that I feel very hypocritical about. On one hand, as an adult, I’m all for being plus size and proud or all for the notion of “body positivity.” But I can’t help […]

Caribana 2015

Caribana 2015 EveryBODYplayahmas On the Road OMG!! There’s so much to say about Caribana that I don’t know where to begin. I decided last year that I wanted to take part in Caribana after seeing a Facebook friend being tagged to participate in the event. At that very moment, I […]